Why I Fight

There once was a time where we held our representatives accountable, where we

expected transparency of them, where we expected and voted for them to hold the

interests of the constituent and the country first. Now, we are in a new normal. One

where our elected officials serve for decades, refuse to hold public events, and cannot

truly serve those who elected them because they are too busy to be found.

I promise, once elected, I will work with both political parties. I will not become beholden

to whatever administration controls the White House, I will be transparent with my

constituents whether or not you voted for me. I will listen to you and your concerns. I will

fight for you and your loved ones. I will not become a career politician. I welcome the

idea of stepping aside to let fresher ideals come into play to continue to shape this

country in a positive light.

My whole life I have had to fight in one way or another for what is right. I will continue

my fight, this time for you.

Policy Stances

Health Care

As the wealthiest nation in the world we should not tolerate people dying because they need to ration their insulin or choose treatment options based on cost not effectiveness. Access to quality health care is necessary for the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. Health care is not a privilege granted to those that have reached some arbitrary benchmark. Health care for all is affordable because we are already paying for it in health insurance premiums, copays, deductibles, preventable advance stage diseases, indigent care, pharmaceutical costs, dividends paid by corporation making exorbitant profits, and lost wages. When an individual has access to health care, they are free to choose to work for small businesses, start a business, or retire. Our nation is in a dark place when we deny health care to any of our citizens. Health care for all is the right thing to do. 

My Plan

  • Physicians and health care providers must be compensated to such an extent as to retain and recruit quality individuals in order to maintain excellence care. 

  • Broadband must be available across all of the United States so that technology is available to all areas. 

  • The healthcare provider pipeline must be increased by increasing the number of residencies for new physicians, increased capacity for training other health care providers, and forgiveness of student loans. 

  • Health and Wellness education in K-12, to include comprehensive education about the human body including reproduction, nutrition, fitness, and mental health. 

  • To ensure quality care is provided through Health Care for All anyone/organization receiving any money from the government, whether is the form of a paycheck, grant, contract, etc. will participate in Health Care for All.

Gun Reform

In 2018 there were 40,000 fatalities contributed to gun violence-40,000 preventable deaths.  The second amendment  “A well regulated militia being necessary for the security of a free state; the right of people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed upon” gives us the right to bear arms; a right I fully support. I also support that they should be well regulated. Gun ownership is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly, and every effort should be taken to keep them out of the hands of those that intend to harm others or themselves. We may have the right to bear arms but we have moral obligation to prevent the senseless death of so many. 

My Plan

  • Require gun owners complete a course in the proper and safe handling of guns, undergo a background check, be licensed to own a gun, and carry liability insurance on all guns owned.

  • Seventy percent of the deaths caused by guns are attributed to suicide. In addition to reducing the easily and quick availability of guns we must increase the availability to counseling and treatment for mental illness. 

  • Gang violence is also a major attributor to gun related deaths. We must invest in our communities and support programs shown to work to reduce gang activity.

  • Create and enforce “Red Flag” laws that keeps guns out of the hands of suicidal individuals, the mentally ill, perpetrators of domestic violence. 


"Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.” The Statue of Liberty welcomed millions of immigrants with these words. Only 1.7% of the population can claim to be Native Americans the remaining 98.3% of us are immigrants or descendants of immigrants. Some came to find their fortune, some were the degenerates and rejected from England, some to flee oppression, starvation, and religious persecution, others were forcefully brought here, but all of us create the tapestry of this great nation. Now the President of the United States and the members of his party say we should fear these immigrants fleeing violence, human trafficking, and starvation. We cannot abandon the foundation upon which this great nation was built. We need people in congress that will create and pass comprehensive immigration reform that grants citizenship to the DREAMers and creates a pathway to citizenship for current immigrants in the United States, that are working, paying taxes and contributing to their communities.

My Plan

  • Our economy relies upon immigrant workers in areas such as construction, food processing, and crop harvesting. We must ensure they have the proper documentation by increasing the number of work Visas issued; otherwise we allow undocumented immigrants to be preyed upon by employers offering unfair wages and unsafe working conditions.

  • Stop the practice of separating families from one another, reunite those who were separated.

  • Secure borders through 21st century advancements to prevent human trafficking and illegal activity. 

  • Provide the resources to expedite the process for asylum seekers. 

  • Utilize technology to make sure children are not being exploited, to make sure families remain together, and prevent the detention of asylum seekers.

Higher Education and Career Training

We must stop telling every student that they must go to college and focus on preparing them for a career instead. In a report by America’s Freedom Alliance 63.9% of high school drop-outs cited leaving because they were bored, what they were studying was not relevant, or no one cared if they attended. We can remedy this by focusing on making sure that every high school graduate is prepared for either college or a career that provides a sustainable wage.  Focusing on what a person is good at and passionate about ends boredom and makes what they are learning relevant. We expect 18-year-old high school graduates to be able to live on their own and support themselves, but we are not providing them with the skills to do so. High schools, community colleges, and universities need to work together to prepare students for their future. Acquiring the skills and education to support yourself and family should not leave you with a lifetime of debt. 

My Plan

  • Through federal funding and grants supporting research and development of programs that encourage Freshmen in high school to choose either a technical training or college pathways we can create innovative ways of preparing students for their future.  

  • High schools and community colleges partnering with local businesses, and corporations should be able to provide skilled labor and technical training using a combination of in class work, apprenticeships, on the job training and other proven training methods. This type of training should be provided cost free to the student through federal tuition assistance, and tax incentives to partnering businesses. 

  • The Pell grant system should be expanded to provide all students with a combined family income under $125,000 with money for tuition, fees, books, and room and board. 

  • Increase regulation for profit colleges and provide reimbursement to students left with substantial debt and a worthless degree. Veterans that used GI money for these colleges should be reimbursed their full GI account. 

  • In order to address the overwhelming student loan crisis. All students on a college pathway should be required to attend a course in college financial planning to prevent unnecessary debt. Student loan dept. incurred while obtaining a college degree in areas where there is a national shortage will be reimbursed. Students with current student loans will be able to reconsolidate for 0% interest and create favorable repayment terms.


It takes a serious level of denial to believe that the 7.5 billion people on earth today are not having an impact on the environment and adding to the unprecedented high level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere causing a global climate change. In addition to global climate change we are also burying ourselves in plastic. We must end our dependence on plastic. It is not an excuse to do better to point the finger at other countries that are worse offenders than we are; we are the greatest nation on earth we should always be leaders in doing what is right. We owe it to ourselves, our children, and all future generations to do our best to protect and care for the earth we live on.   To accomplish this we need to concentrate on passing legislation to support the Green New Deal. 

My Plan

  • Implement a Humanity and Environmental Impact Rating (HEIR) on all products sold or manufactured in the United States. The HEIR would provide consumers information on two points: 1) The degree to which the best humanitarian methods were used to produce the product. Was child labor involved? Was a living wage paid to the workers? Was a safe working environment provided? 2) How does the manufacture of the product impact the environment. What type of waste is produced? Where single use plastics produced? Where environmental responsible methods used to harvest, mine or produce components used?

  • Impose a tax on products that have an unacceptably high HEIR.

  • Immediately rejoin the Paris Climate Accord.

  • Transfer all subsidies, research money, and tax incentives given to fossil fuels to renewable energy. 

  • Require all new passenger vehicles get 45 mpg by 2025. 

  • Invest in infrastructure for renewable energy driven public transportation. 

  • Invest in research to develop biodegradable products to replace plastics.

Public Education

Education is so important in creating a free and independent society that when tyranny invades one of the first objectives is to round up the educated, doctors, engineers, scientists, historians, writers, and educators. The first public school in the United States was founded in 1635 and whenever there was a new settlement one of the first tasks was to build a school and to find a schoolteacher. Providing the schoolteacher with room and meals in your home was considered an honor. What happened to our commitment to education? Our teachers are underpaid, they have so many students in a classroom it’s a wonder they accomplish anything, they pay for school supplies for students that can’t afford their own, and in many low socioeconomic neighborhoods the schools have become decrepit and unsafe. You shouldn’t have to see your teacher drive up to your house on Saturday night delivering pizza; teacher pay should be enough to support them and their family without working having to work side jobs. We must invest in our children’s education by remedying these problems. Every other problem we address, climate change, environmental issues, health care, higher education, depends on us addressing these problems and making education a priority once again. Public education is an area reserved for governance by the states, but the federal government can assist to accomplish these goals. 

My Plan

  • Increase teacher pay so that teachers can focus on teaching. Top students that have a passion for teaching often do not choose teaching as a profession because of the low pay and the perpetuated idea of “you can do better than that.” Increasing pay will attract those college students into the profession and help to remedy the teacher shortage in America. The federal government can assist by repayment of loans for those entering the teaching field. Increasing federal funds for schools identified as tax drought areas, areas without enough tax revenue for the schools to function at the desired level. 

  • Decrease class size. Children are natural, discovery-based learners but our overcrowded classrooms do not allow teachers to capitalize on that natural curiosity with innovative teaching methods. Smaller class sizes allow teachers to learn about their students and find ways to help those that are struggling and challenge those that need it. Federally we can make sure that innovative strategies are shared nationally by recognizing programs/teachers and sponsoring innovation conferences and workshops. 

  • Provide federal funding for art, music, physical education, civics class, and comprehensive health education. 

  • Through the department of agriculture offer every student a healthy breakfast and lunch. It is hard to learn when all you can think about is food. 

  • Increase the number of school counselors and social workers. When teachers, staff, or administrators notice students in crisis they should have the resources to intervene. Forgiving student loans for those entering these fields will help reduce shortage.